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"The application itself, with its wide range of eLearning material, has given rise to many good dialogues at our departmental meetings. Personally, I have benefited greatly from the eLearning material"
Dennis Fink
Head of Department
Aarhus Havn
Aarhus Havn
"Our experience with OrbisCure has been nothing but positive. The measurements are easy and quick to make with results that can be used by the team itself and by management."
Dennis Christiansen
Team Leader
“OrbisCure is the most wholehearted initiative Port of Aarhus has introduced in terms of stress prevention”
Christian A
“The app has the tools I've asked for and never seem to have gotten, even though I've had a stress coach for six months!”
Sanne M

Why do organizations need help with stress?

Stress can be extremely difficult to detect and remedy before it develops into sick days or sick leave. Lack of insights makes it difficult to act in time. Fortunately, you can combat stress when you detect it and provide preventive support.

Fighting stress can be challenging

As a workplace, you become frustrated and feel powerless when an employee suddenly develops stress. You wonder if you are doing something wrong.

You need to know that you are not a bad leader or a bad workplace. And you are not alone.

If anyone, you deserve to spend your time on something other than handling stress. You deserve to have the right tools to cope with the increased stress we experience in our society.

Stress in society is an increasing challenge affecting organizations

29% of Danes Experience High Stress


45 Sick Days Extra Annually For Employees With High Stress


54% Afraid To Discuss Their Mental Health With Their Boss


Stress is often detected too late

Hear the consequences Tom experienced when he oversaw his body's signals and didn’t receive help in time

Tom Johansen, previously on sick leave due to stress

Get the stress preventive tool you need

In collaboration with some of the Denmark's leading doctors and psychologists, we have helped teams just like yours – teams that want to achieve a workplace with less stress.

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Stress detection

A 2-minute in-app measurement every 30 days enables employees to detect incipient stress.

Help on demand

Employees have unlimited 24/7 access to self-care videos through the OrbisLife app.

psychologist Samuel

Talk with a psychologist

Psychology sessions and tailored eLearning courses ensure that stress is remedied in time.

Free up time

You will be able to help and support your employees, free up time, and worries used on managing stress.

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who5 scientific well-being measurement

Evidence of effect after four weeks

A WHO-5 scientific well-being measurement of 370 people. The test groups' well-being improved - the control groups' declined.

36% out of risk of sick leave

21% improved well-being

What does it require from your organization?



Get an in-depth clarification of your organizations needs and an actionable plan to achieve a workplace with less stress


Detect & prevent

Give your employees a simple tool to self-monitor stress and easy access to help to handle work- and private related stress


Less Stress

Receive a report of the stress levels in your organization.

Frequently asked questions

Is it GDPR compliant?

OrbisCure is subject to the Personal Data Act, and all GDPR has been created in close collaboration with a professional law firm. At the same time, we have another security layer, which means that all data is useless if it is attempted to be stolen. We really mean it when we say we take security seriously.

Is it anonymous?

We know that stress and the need of help can be a very private matter for employees. Therefore, the use of the OrbisLife-app is 100% anonymous.

Is it for employees of all ages?

The app has been designed and created in close collaboration with users in the age 18-75 years. By including users of all ages, we ensure that everyone can use and benefit from the OrbisLife-app.

How do you secure continuous use?

On top of employees having an introduction to the purpose of the OrbisLife-app and how they can benefit in their work- and private life, employees receive monthly reminders to perform a 2-minute stress measurement. Employees receive a total of three app notifications as well as three e-mails. This way we ensure that all employees continuously take the monthly stress measurement.

Do you follow any guidelines?

The content in the OrbisLife-app is based on evolutionary psychology and the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy and its further development. All content is evidence-based and developed in collaboration with some of Denmark's leading doctors and psychologists and quality assured by in-house psychologists who work for OrbisCure.

Does it actually reduce stress?

Several studies show that App-based help is just as effective as psychotherapy that takes place in a practice. At the same time, a scientific study carried out on OrbisCure’s stress-preventive concept shows that the risk of burnout is reduced by up to 36% - after just four weeks. The OrbisLife app keeps your employees healthy so you can focus on your work.

How much does it cost?

The price of having OrbisCure to detect and prevent stress depends on your organizations size and needs. Reach out to us, tell us about your organization and your needs - and we’ll create a quote for you.

How do I get started?

It is easy to start using OrbisCure in your organization through our four steps ensures a route to a stress free workplace. Read more here “The route to a stress free workplace”.

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