Prevent resignations and sick leave due to stress

- whether it's work-related or personal

Stress measurement | Self-help | On-demand psychologists

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45 days

lost annually for an employee with high stress


are infected with second-hand stress from a colleague


employees leave their role for mental health reasons

Harvard Business Review

Stress is often detected too late

Hear the consequences Tom experienced when he oversaw his body's signals and didn’t receive help in time

Tom Johansen, previously on sick leave due to stress

The cost of stress

Direct consequences

  • Reduced productivity
  • Missed invoicing or expenses for temporary workers
  • Increased administrative costs

Indirect consequences

  • Loss of knowledge and competitiveness
  • More resignations
  • Poorer work environment

Direct loss from a stress sick leave

This is how much it costs an employee on sick leave if the following figures apply:

Single employee
Daily invoicing/value added
5.000 kr.
Work days per month
18,3 days
Average salery incl. personnel cost
74.250 kr.
Months on sick leave
6 mos.
Salery reimbursement in the period
-93.900 kr.
Direct loss
900.600 kr.

Direct loss from hidden stress

This is how much it costs an employee on sick leave if the following figures apply:

Number of employees in the team
Daily value added per employee
5000 kr.
Employees with high stress (benchmark)
Lost working days (MDPI)
64 days
Direct loss annually
319.900 kr.
Measure stress level in your team

How OrbisCure works

Monthly stress measurement

Every month, employees pick up on early stress with a mandatory, scientifically validated 2-minute survey.

HR also receives a monthly anonymized report so you can proactively support challenged teams.

Try the survey here

Immediate self-help

Employees have access to short videos with advice and exercises developed by Danish doctors and psychologists. All content is evidence-based.

The exercises also address challenges in private life, e.g. if you are a parent of children with anxiety or ADHD.

psychologist Samuel

On-demand psychologists

Employees with high stress can book consultations directly in the app with one of OrbisCure's in-house psychologists. Typical waiting time is under 24 hours.

Tools for managers

Situational tools help managers deal with typical challenges related to stress. Both on an individual and team level.

What our customers and users say

"The application itself, with its wide range of eLearning material, has given rise to many good dialogues at our departmental meetings. Personally, I have benefited greatly from the eLearning material"
Dennis Fink
Head of Department
Aarhus Havn
Aarhus Havn
"Our experience with OrbisCure has been nothing but positive. The measurements are easy and quick to make with results that can be used by the team itself and by management."
Dennis Christiansen
Team Leader
“OrbisCure is the most wholehearted initiative Port of Aarhus has introduced in terms of stress prevention”
Christian A
“The app has the tools I've asked for and never seem to have gotten, even though I've had a stress coach for six months!”
Sanne M

Prevent resignations and sick leave due to stress

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who5 scientific well-being measurement

Evidence of effect after four weeks

A WHO-5 scientific well-being measurement of 370 people. The test groups' well-being improved - the control groups' declined.

36% out of risk of sick leave

21% improved well-being

What does it require from your organization?



We set up a working group together with you and hold a workshop that results in a recommendation to the executive board



Employees are introduced to OrbisCure through a workshop. The workshop is facilitated by a psychologist and lasts 1½ hours


Monthly measurements

Employees receive monthly reminders to measure their stress levels. The measurements are mandatory

Frequently asked questions

Is it GDPR compliant?

OrbisCure is subject to the Personal Data Act, and all GDPR has been created in close collaboration with a professional law firm. At the same time, we have another security layer, which means that all data is useless if it is attempted to be stolen. We really mean it when we say we take security seriously.

Is it anonymous?

We recognize that stress and the need for help can be very private matters for employees. That's why we ensure that we always aggregate data from at least 5 employees in the monthly reports to management. If a department has fewer than 5 employees, their report is combined with reports from other departments under the same manager. At the end of each month, management also receives an anonymous breakdown of the number of calls booked in the previous month.

Will the app continue to be used by employees over time?

Since the measurements are mandatory, employees continue to use the app month after month.

We already have a health insurance?

OrbisCure intervenes at the first signs of stress and prevents it from escalating to a level that requires treatment. In special cases where clinical therapy is needed, OrbisCure assists the employee in accessing the relevant services through your health insurance.

Do you follow any guidelines?

The content in OrbisCure's apps is based on evolutionary psychology and the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy and its further development. All content is evidence-based and developed in collaboration with leading doctors and psychologists.

Does talking about stress make employees stressed?

Our customers find that it becomes easier for their employees to talk about stress and approach their leader if they are going through a stressful period, regardless of whether it's related to work or their private life. The result is that leaders can provide immediate assistance, for example, by offering flexible working hours or redistributing tasks, until the employee regains balance.

How much does it cost?

The price of having OrbisCure to detect and prevent stress depends on your organizations size and needs. Reach out to us, tell us about your organization and your needs - and we’ll create a quote for you.

How do I get started?

The cost for OrbisCure to detect and prevent stress depends on the size and needs of your organization. Reach out to us, tell us about your needs and we'll find a suitable solution for your business.

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Prevent resignations and sick leave due to stress

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